Achieve Fitness Goals with 20 Minutes of Super Slow Strength Training

Super Slow Strength TrainingWhen we think of the concept of working out at “the gym,” we typically think of the stigmatisms that go along with it. Mirrors, blaring music, cleanliness certainly being questionable, 100‘s of machines that could not seem more confusing and overwhelming, beautiful people everywhere in amazing shape, feeling like just a number amongst a sea of “workout guru’s,” consistent judgement from others, the thought of doing something wrong where you might hurt yourself, great big bulky trainers, consistent grunting from your fellow neighbor and the arduous thought of: “I definitely need to be here for a minimum of one hour to even begin seeing results.”

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, you’re one of the millions of people who find themselves unsatisfied with their excess body weight, body shape or low feeling of energy and ready to make a change.

What if I told you there was such a place that could NOT BE MORE different! No mirrors, no music, equipment wiped with sanitary wipes throughout the day, equipment treated to keep bacteria and germs from embedding into the vinyl, 10 medical grade commercial Nautilus machines, pillows for your head, neck and spine, complementary water, seatbelts (that actually work) that keep you in perfect form, a private parking lot that is literally feet from the front door, a private changing area, cubbies for all of your personal belongings, a certified personal trainer coaching you though your workout every step of the way, equipment set exactly to your body mechanics each and every workout, three separate and private workout rooms where you will rarely see another client with their certified personal trainer, an appointment day and time that is personally yours to keep and the concept of your workout lasting 20 minutes, twice per week! Lastly, what if I mentioned that our clients have had an average weight loss of five pounds.

This all sounds, and kind of seems like, let’s be honest: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? To answer, there is such a thing and the company does exist! True U Fitness was opened one year ago and is conveniently located in downtown Sarasota! We are often asked the same question so many times over; How do you do it? I mean, how are you REALLY able to give me such an amazing workout in such a short amount of time focusing on two important factors: SAFETY and RESULTS?

Let’s explain: First off, when someone typically thinks of working out, especially working out with a personal trainer they are often concerned with one big thing: safety. They often say to themselves: “I can’t work out, I have a bad back/neck, my shoulder has been bothering me for years, I have had both an ACL and MCL surgery, I have a spinal fusion.” Honestly! While those are all real concerns that should not be taken lightly, we work with and help clients with those same injuries on a daily basis. Most of the time a person is injured in “traditional strength training” because of four main factors: improper form, improper seat settings and the shear speed their arms or legs are moving all for one common goal, momentum of the movement to drive that weight up or down. Instead, the aspect of a 20 minute workout here at True U Fitness uses no momentum, consistent proper form and seat settings that are customized to the client’s torso to height ratio. When we combine all of these and use a VERY SLOW speed of 10 seconds lifting and 10 seconds lowering, it then makes injuries and momentum nearly nonexistent. Instead, we can focus on what each and every client is truly looking for, RESULTS!

Like safety, results are the ultimate goals and reasons why so many clients have decided to make True U Fitness part of their weekly routine. Busy working professionals, retirees and those looking to take control of their lives often have various results and goals including: weight loss, toning and firming, slowing down or reversing osteoporosis (breakdown of bone), reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and improving balance and stability as they age. While a 20 minute workout, twice a week sounds extremely appealing in a time where every minute is precious, we are often asked, how can I get results when I’m only working out a fraction of the time I’m typically used to hearing? In order to best answer, let’s look at “traditional strength training” verses “super slow strength training (what we use here at True U Fitness).” In “traditional strength training” the participant goes to muscle fatigue using the common notion of 3 sets of 10 or 3 sets of 12. They truly exhaust the muscle, then move onto another muscle group from there. With “super slow strength training,” the participant goes not only to muscle fatigue but a step further, muscle success or an impossible repetition. Once a client hits muscle success, the muscle becomes deeply inroaded resulting in the musculature rebuilding faster and quicker. Because of this, results become more prevalent due to the deeper level of muscle inroad than typically thought of. Like we say to all of our clients, your rest and recovery time is just as important as your workout resulting in the 72-96 hours of complete body recovery.

Super Slow Strength Training provides 50% greater and faster results than traditional strength training.
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