A “Magic Pill” for Better Health

By Bert Shubert, Certified Personal Trainer

SWF Health and Wellness MagazineRemember the days when people actually went on diets and went shopping to find the right clothes to go to the gym? People would say, “I’m not in good enough shape to go to the gym.” You felt you had to go shopping to get the right gym wear. The guys wore brightly colored baggy pants and puffy sleeved sweat shirts. The ladies wore leg warmers, leotards, head bands and many other accessories. Today, we live in a different world. Going to the gym has become much better. Prices are good, gyms are better equipped and most gyms have knowledgeable, certified personal trainers on the premises. (Make sure your trainer is certified by a reputable organization.)

Start Slow and Build Up to Harder Workouts

The old saying “No pain, no gain” used to be a motto of personal trainers all across the county. Trainers used to work you too hard and cause you to be in a lot of pain just to show you how bad you were out of shape. The pain is not needed; you know when you are not in shape. That’s why you joined the gym in the first place. Today, if you train right, you can start your workouts slow and build up to the harder workouts. There is no reason to be in severe pain after your first workout. I have trained hundreds of clients, and very seldom has anyone complained about being really sore after their first couple of workouts.

The Number One Way to Lose Weight

There are many reasons to join a gym. The number one reason is to lose weight. Resistance training (weight lifting) is the number one way to lose weight. You will hear people say, “I’m going to do cardio to lose weight then I’ll start lifting weights.” Not a good choice. Lifting weights burns more calories as you build more muscle. Strength training, especially as we get older, is more important than ever.

The Importance of Strength Training

Is it getting harder to get off the couch or out of the easy chair? We lose about 5% of our muscle every year after the age of 40 and an additional 1-2% more each year after the age of 50. But there is a “magic pill,” and it works at any age. It’s strength training. Strength training can prevent the loss of muscle, stop osteoporosis, lower your blood pressure, reverse type 2 diabetes, and help prevent some forms of cancer.

Imagine if everyone in this country spent just 30 minutes in the gym three or four days a week. What a different world it would be! Healthcare costs would be lower. There would be fewer unhealthy people which would result in fewer doctor visits. It might not be a “magic pill,” but let’s review…. less disease, cheaper health care, and a longer, more productive life. SIGN ME UP NOW!

Improve The Rest of Your Life

If you need additional information on any of the topics above, please call Progressive Health Club at 941-743-8700, or visit us online at www.progressivehealthplex.com. Ask for one of the certified personal trainers, Bert, Ken, Drew or Julie Ann. The call is free and the conversation may help you improve the rest of your life.

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