5 Steps to Better Life with Lung Disease

Lund Disease FloridaLung disease doesn’t mean the end. Here’s what you can do.

At the moment of being diagnosed with a respiratory illness like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, the Earth can seem to drop beneath your feet. The realization that COPD has no known cure can be devastating, and the challenges it presents to one’s quality of life can seem unending. And yet, the fight is only over if you give up.

It takes only a few small changes to turn the tide against lung disease and improve one’s quality of life. And with this spirit in mind, the Lung Institute has put forth 5 Steps to a Better Life with Lung Disease; let’s reclaim your health.

5. Attitude is Everything

Lung Disease

As mentioned by the Lung Institute, some of the most challenging aspects of life with lung disease aren’t the physical, they’re the emotional. Sufferers of the disease have found themselves ashamed, helpless, and depressed living with their condition and have often found family and friends to be less than sympathetic. However, despite the legitimacy of your feelings, it takes strength to overcome challenges, and you’re stronger than you think. In this world there are quadriplegics that have climbed mountains. What’s their secret? They never let themselves give up.

4. Proper Nutrition

Lung Disease

Everything we consume imparts some vital chemical, nutrient or caloric value necessary for us to think, function, and most importantly maintain proper health­­–particularly lung health. Foods packed with natural vitamins and minerals allow our body to perform at its optimal levels, and luckily, these crucial foods are the simplest: fruits and vegetables. Try apple cider vinegar or these juices, and be sure to avoid these foods like the plague.

3. Purify the Air Around You

Lung Disease

Now that you’re eating better, it’s time to work on the quality of the air around you. Using simple household items like houseplants, candles, salt lamps and bamboo charcoal, it’s possible to dramatically affect the air around you by removing the free radicals in the air (dust, pollen, smoke) that enter the lungs through the breathing process.

2. Increase Oxygen at Home

Lung Disease

With the air within your home now purified to a higher quality, it may be time to consider naturally increasing the amount of oxygen available. Utilizing a combination of specialized oxygen-producing plants throughout your home it’s possible to improve breathing and even aid in sleeping.

1. Take a Step Outside

Lung Disease

Your mind is ready for a challenge. Your body is filled with the vital nutrients it needs. The air of your home is clean and brimming with oxygen. Now what? Go outside. The body needs physical activity and so do the lungs, but more importantly, so does the mind. Take a walk around the block, make plans to go fishing, or start a garden. The world can be a beautiful place; it’s never too late to step outside and go see it.

The realities of lung disease can be overwhelming. However, there is hope. Currently, stem cell therapy stands alone as one of the best options available to promote healing within the lungs and affect the disease’s progression directly.

If you’re looking to make a profound change in your life or the life of someone you love, the time is now. If you or a loved one suffers from lung disease, the Lung Institute may be able to help with a variety of stem cell treatment options. Contact them at 855-882-1294 to find out if you qualify for stem cell therapy today.


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