3 Easy Ways to BOOST Your Health Now!

Detox & Slim Down with INFRA-RED Body Wraps. Rejuvenate
Tired Skin with RED LIGHT Collagen Beds & Boost Your Immune System with the ALKALINE Diet

By Beth Marlow, Certified Nutritional Counselor, Holistic Life Coach & Certified
Holistic Cancer Coach (PCCI), Owner of SPA USA In Ft. Myers –

3 Easy Ways to BOOST Your HealthRenew yourself from the inside out… it’s easy as 1 2 3! First, do you want to burn 900 calories in 45 minutes and detoxify impurities to cleanse and rejuvenate your body from the inside out?  Well, the new INFRA-RED Body Wraps at Tan & Spa USA are able to accomplish all that… and more! Medical research has concluded that regular use of INFA-RED therapy can be as effective for cardiovascular conditioning as exercise! As the body warms up during your INFRA-RED Body Wrap, it causes a brief yet beneficial increase in body core temperature, thus increasing heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, as well as spiking the immune system by boosting production of infection-fighting white blood cells and killer T-cells.  In the 1980s, NASA concluded that far INFRA-RED stimulation is the ideal way for astronauts to maintain cardiovascular conditioning during long space flights by producing similar metabolic functions as if they were exercising.  Those INFRA-RED benefits have now been incorporated into the health and wellness industry as a natural, non-invasive, whole body healing therapy.

The INFRA-RED generated during these targeted Body Wraps penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources (up to 3-4 inches deep into the fat and muscle tissues) to get out toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the surface of the skin, activating the circulation, enzymes and tissue metabolism.

INFRA-RED Body Wraps also increase the enzyme activity in our digestive tract and can rev up the metabolism and cause you to BURN CALORIES FOR UP TO 36 HOURS following your treatment!  So, not only will you burn more than 900 calories in just one session, but it will boost your metabolism to help you keep on burning those calories!  Heart studies done by the Journal of America College of Cardiology also found that INFRA-RED therapy significantly improved blood vessel functioning in a significant number of patients, further optimizing your overall wellness!

If your next problem area is tired looking skin that needs to be refreshed without the pain or down time of a “procedure”, then RED LIGHT Collagen Beds are your next stop during your visit to Tan & Spa USA.

The renowned benefits of Collagen Red Light Therapy have been medically recognized for many years and have recently become available as a non-invasive and effective treatment for the reduction of wrinkles and sagging skin.  Following extensive research carried out by the American Space Agency “NASA” and worldwide clinical trials, it has been established that regular exposure to Red Light at 633 Nanometers will stimulate powerful skin rejuvenation within as little as two weeks, when the recommended depth of 8-10 mm triggering a powerful response in our body to increase its production of collagen and tighter and younger looking skin.  Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced.  The new capillaries will increase circulation and help cuts and scars to heal quicker, as well as minimize stretch marks and cellulite.  Collagen Red Light Therapy has also displayed an amazing ability to shrink and refine pore size and skin texture without painful peels, surgery or injections and has been proven to fade age spots, scars and control melasma and hyper pigmentation with NO DOWN TIME!

Last but certainly not least, its time to focus on your diet & nutrition!  Beth Marlow can teach you how to radically improve your overall health and Wellness through her Alkaline Nutritional Counseling now being offered at Tan & Spa USA.  The Alkaline Diet has been proven to supercharge the immune system, produce natural therapeutic weight loss and reduce conditions related to chronic inflammation.  The Alkaline Diet is the nutritional plan that Beth uses to remain cancer-free more than 5 years following her battle with Stage 2 breast cancer.  Beth is a Certified Professional Cancer Coach & Nutritional Counselor and is able to support clients through every facet of their recovery and or health goals.  Beth is also able to assist you in establishing a lifestyle of disease PREVENTION.  Everything you eat and drink leaves a residue in your system that is either Acid or Alkaline.  An Alkaline internal pH will promote a balanced, optimal functioning system and did you know that cancer cells cannot grow in an alkaline environment?  One more reason to get Alkaline and stay that way!

You will have access to Alkaline grocery lists, sample recipes, weekly menu plans and specific Immune support supplements that will target your specific health issue and turbo charge your immune system into high gear and keep it there for many years to come.  It’s time to invest in your future by investing in your health!

Top 10 Overly ACIDIC Body Symptoms:
1.    Lack of energy, constant fatigue
2.    Weight gain
3.    Allergies
4.    Brain “fog”
5.    Yeast infections
6.    Sugar cravings
7.    Tendency to get infections, colds and flu
8.    Loss of drive and enthusiasm, depressive tendencies
9.    Chronic Inflammation
10. Inflamed, sensitive gums or mouth ulcers

Top 10 ALKALINE Body Benefits:
1.    Increased energy and vitality
2.    Healthy weight loss
3.    Mental clarity
4.    Improved immune function
5.    Improved digestive function
6.    Loss of simple carbohydrate cravings
7.    Reduction of infections, colds & flu
8.    Detoxification
9.    Reduction or disappearance of inflammation and joint pain
10. Clearer Skin


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