20 Minutes to Fitness: Once a Week? No Sweat? Really???

By Dane Trask District manager, Southwest Florida Health and Wellness –

20 Minutes to FitnessDoesn’t sound possible does it – but it is! This time-proven, unique workout  takes just one 20 minute session a week and is done in a cool comfortable, semi-private studio. So, no sweat! You can change into workout clothes if you want, but I don’t.

And with the training being done using slow, controlled movements, always with your own certified personal trainer, it is incredibly safe. So, for a busy person this sounds like a silver bullet.

I am as skeptical as they come. As any editor or publisher will tell you, we get pitched some pretty crazy ideas. When it comes to fitness and exercise there have been more far-fetched workout ideas than the daily calorie intake of a NFL player. So, when 20 Minutes to Fitness asked me to come in and learn about their program, I was needless to say, a little closed minded.

When I met the team at 20 Minutes to Fitness in Lakewood Ranch, what caught my attention was their professionalism. This group did not seem to be the type to represent some “fly by the seat of your pants” business, so I thought I could spare a few minutes to check it out.

As I went in the studio, I noticed a book of testimonials on the counter. It held over 16 pages of 100+ statements from other people going to 20 Minutes to Fitness. While preparing this article, I read through some of the following highlights, as well as the attached testimonials:

• 20 Minutes to Fitness is a concept of exercise that I had never heard of. It is truly unique, yet based in solid science.

• The workout consists of 6-7 exercise machines per session on which you are guided by a certified personal fitness coach.

• Good form consists of both positive and negative resistance. You start the exercise going as slow as possible for a 10 second count, then resist the return of the weight for 10 seconds.

• The weight is set at an amount where, if you maintain good form, you will reach your “peak performance” in 2:00 minutes per machine.

• I can tell you from being an athlete – I have never felt such a great and awesome workout.

So, for me every excuse I have for not working out, and let me tell you there are a bunch, was eliminated. Being a business professional, I can’t go to the gym in the morning or at lunch and then sweat all over the conference table for the rest of the day. With two little ones at home, going in the afternoons is out; I can’t give up my afternoons and dinners with them. Having had my college wrestling career cut short by overworking an injured shoulder, I was very leery of the intense traditional gym work out scene. And committing to 4-5 days a week is impossible as I travel all the time.

None of these objections seemed to concern Angela at 20 Minutes to Fitness as we went through my Complimentary Orientation Session. She just showed me the science behind the workout methods and then put me on some machines to give it a try. What I found was the perfect fit to keep me healthy and in shape for my busy schedule. So, why wait? You really have nothing to lose as the Orientation session is absolutely free.

Jan Smith, 44
Time Out Hair Salon, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

If you are looking to get in shape and lose some weight, while not sacrificing big parts of your week, this may just be a fit for you as well. And if you see the testimonial book on the counter, open it up, my testimonial will be in there. This is exactly what I have been looking for. “Although I know I need it, I just won’t go to the gym! I don’t like working out and with two teenage daughters and my own business to run – I just don’t have the time. That’s why I’m a regular at 20 Minutes to Fitness®… Not only am I getting great results (toning up and reducing my upper arm “flappers”), it only takes me 20 minutes a week. It’s a no-brainer for me!”

Deb Marcum, 50
Realtor, St. Petersburg, Florida

“I’m a realtor in a busy market and don’t have the time or the inclination to go to a crowded gym. 20 Minutes to Fitness® is the answer for me. I save time and get the results I want – more energy, more tone, and less weight. Why would I ever stop?”

Kay Yoder, 55
Corporate Executive, Bradenton, Florida

“20 Minutes to Fitness seemed like one of those fitness crazes too good to be true. However, after months of not seeing results on my own, I decided to give them a try and was very pleasantly surprised! I now achieve in 20 minutes what I couldn’t in hours thanks to the expert staff and specialized equipment. I no longer have to worry if I’m doing an exercise correctly as there is someone guiding and motivating me every step of the way! 20 Minutes to Fitness has exceeded my expectations and made me a true believer!

Tim Kasper, 43
Corporate Trainer, Sarasota, FL

“20 Minutes to Fitness is such a great way to keep my muscles toned and defined. I travel a lot and do my best to keep up with my cardio, but it’s nice to know that when I am home for a few days i can get my weight workout in for the week in a matter of just 20 minutes!”

Christine Webber, 46
Paralegal, Sarasota, Florida

“I have seen better results in less than 6 months at 20 Minutes To Fitness® than I have in 6 years in working out on my own!”

David Stein, 47
Advertising Executive, Sarasota, Florida

“For the past year I have been struggling for a way to bring down my high blood pressure. Short of medication (my high blood pressure is hereditary) I read that 20minutestofitness.com could help. After just 4 sessions, my blood pressure has been normal. And I attribute that to my weekly workout at 20 Minutes to Fitness®!”

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