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Vaginal Rejuvenation for Better Sex

When it comes to sexual issues, many women are private and do not discuss their issues openly with anyone, even their doctors. Unfortunately, by keeping quiet, most women do not realize that they are not alone and there is actually treatments to help relieve the pain that can accompany intercourse.

The fact that they are suffering from lifeless, ungratifying and painful sensation whenever they are going to have sex, and just end up doing nothing but to simply live with it while in fact there are actually great solutions for all of these concerns.

What the majority is only aware of is that it is really painful to have sex when you are experiencing vaginal dryness, however there is more to that.

Vaginal dryness is not the reason alone, though it is the primary cause of all this. As soon as the stimulation has started, however, it seems tricky because of the said dryness, it would then be impossible to arouse the woman.

Without the sufficient lubrication, it only implies that there is less sensation for the woman when having sex. With that in question, you are like to have a painful sex, accompanied by other problems such as bleeding, tearing and irritation.

Try to take into account, you are not the sole person who happens to be affected, but same goes for your partner. Dissatisfaction may further lead to arguments.

This can greatly affect yourself esteem, and who knows, you may no longer desire to have any sexual intercourse with your partner because of this embarrassing predicaments that is happening and the shame that you feel for yourself.

Vaginal dryness is the cause, and so, you need to treat vaginal dryness alone with the aid of vaginal rejuvenation cream. This is a 100% natural product that can address everything from your sex issues such as painful sex, low libido, and most of all, vaginal dryness.

The good news is, there is actually a treatment to help make your sex life better than ever and rejuvenate your vagina back once more like the days when it was younger and fresher- with no hassle!

What is it?
It is a multi-potent tissue matrix used to fill, cover and protect the void or defect in human body.  Covering from head to toe, therefore it works amazingly for face and vagina.  Regenerating collagen for face, replenishing and rejuvenating all tissue types in vagina i.e.- clitoris, Gspot, labia, and lubricating glads.

These are totipotent cells and an allograft, meaning it’s prepared from a human, and is acceptable to humans. Thus is non-hormonal with no side effects and highly acceptable to the human body.

Preparation of these multi-active cells are from strictly screened human tissue [placenta]. All selected cases are thoroughly checked for past medical history and social history.

At cesarean section the placenta retained and is processed through high level technology to extract these highly multi-potent cells. The 1.5 c.c, then is injected in areas needed to be regenerated to regain the youthful quality needed to be functional.

Since the early 1900s the product has been used in burn case, open wounds and orthopedic cases. It is only recently, for first time is being used to the nerves and tissues around the vagina, to enhance the sensitivity, arousal and orgasm. Thus rejuvenating all over the organ that have become old with time or have lost their sensitivity because of increasing stress in life.

Patients have experienced amazing results, needing only one office visit that lasts approximately 20 minutes. It is unlike treatment for men which involves oral tablets with strict time restrictions and possible serious side effects and providing little to no long term benefits. This procedure is contrast, rejuvenates the body parts as nature meant them to be.

. Any age can see results
. Response within days
. Reduction or elimination of painful sex
. Increased natural vaginal lubrication
. Dramatic increase in sexual arousal
. Increase in vaginal and clitoral sensitivity
. Physical changes in labia (thickening)

Labia – Shown to have thickening of the lips, change in color and appearance, enhanced sensation and receptivity. Altogether, thus results in tightening of the vaginal  opening.
Vagina – Regenerates vaginal lining and enhances sensation and lubrication.

Urinary – Improvement in urinary incontinence can also be a residual effect.

Regardless of what age group you belong to, even if you’re currently in your menopausal stage, vaginal rejuvenation can allow you to enjoy sex again.

About Sunita Sharan, MD
With more than 45 years of experience, Sunita Sharan, M.D., is board-certified and has dedicated her adult life to bettering women’s health. She was privileged at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Doctors hospital, and several ambulatory centers in Sarasota. Senior research fellow, Dr. Sharan has received numerous recognitions including Humanitarian Award, The Physician of the Year Award from Doctors Hospital. Dr. Sharan has received numerous special recognitions for her devout commitment to multiple charities in USA and all over the world, as an American Indian physician. This includes The Best President Award in 2015, as the president of (FAPI) – Florida Association of Physicians of Indian origin 2014-2015.

According to Dr. Sharan, “Only women can understand women’s needs.” A woman, along with a caring and understanding physician, can make her beliefs come true, and her journey toward a healthy life easier.  Dr. Sharan holds fast to every  woman’s belief in herself. The belief to stay healthy, the belief to be independent, and the belief to face the diversity and the differences from others. A belief to have her own identity as a person and good health.

For the greatest care, women need to partner closely with their healthcare professional. Dr. Sharan believes doctors should provide all care with honesty, trust, knowledge, and above all, doing so with compassion.

Having served women in three countries (India, UK, USA) for nearly 46 years. She sees herself as the caregiver women can trust. Having worked with three generations of women in USA, for the past 33 years now. Guiding them through their ups and downs life and in good health. Empowering each patient to enjoy her personal life, regardless of her age towards those magical moments. Helping them to be independent- “wholesome mentally and physically.”

Her greatest reward, after all the years in Sarasota, are thousands of Patients’ letters of gratitude and thanks adorning her office walls. Those letters, along with her principles as a physician, make it easy for patients to trust her care.

For more information or to schedule an individual or joint consultation, call 941-922-8848 today!

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