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Shed Unwanted Belly Fat Now Non-Surgical Body Sculpting and Spot Fat Reduction

By Larry D. Johnson, DC

Shed Unwanted Belly Fat Now Non-Surgical Body Sculpting and Spot Fat ReductionWhat is it about belly fat? Like a bad house guest it misses the hint that it’s time to clear out. If you’ve been dealing with an unwanted spare tire, and wondering what makes it so hard to get rid of you’re probably not alone. According to a twelve-year CDC study published in 2014, the percentage of Americans with abdominal obesity increased from 46 to 54 percent over that period of time, even though overall BMI stayed relatively constant. Worse yet, belly fat can cause a whole range of serious health concerns, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, diabetes, and even premature death. If you’re ready to whittle your middle and take control of your health, you’ll want to check into this program!

Perhaps you’ve even had treatments for your stubborn areas, like freezing or heating away the fat, or fancy flashes of light that all seem to pale in comparison to your goals. Instead of giving up, the results you desire are finally available here in the U.S.

A cutting-edge new Light Therapy made in the United States is the first machine of its kind with a new microchip technology that is the latest and most advanced method for immediate fat loss. You no longer have to wait for results to show up months from your procedure; with the Ultimate Light Therapy you will see up to two or more inches of fat loss with the first treatment. An alternative to invasive liposuction, the Ultimate Light Therapy is in the forefront of the aesthetics industry for one simple reason—It Works!

By using red and near-infrared light therapy, the treatment penetrates the layers of the dermis and is absorbed directly by the fat cells. It immediately shrinks the fat cells down in a rapid rate, and the excess fat is distributed into the bloodstream and metabolized by the body’s natural detox system and eliminated as waste.

The Ultimate Light Therapy drains fat cells on contact, leaving you with the long-term results that you’ve been looking for. An added bonus with this therapy is that it produces collagen and improves the tightness and brightness of the skin, so along with fat loss; you’ll look younger too. In fact, this new Light Therapy works so well, that it is also touted for its ability to clear acne, reduce pigment discoloration, improve the appearance of cellulite, acts as a non-invasive facial contouring method, alleviates a double chin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

When you want fat loss and improved skin conditions, look no further than Dr. Johnson’s highly sought-after health care facility. His patient testimonials and results speak for themselves. What can be better than the achieved outcomes of the results and goals you wanted in your weight loss regimen?

The fact that the Ultimate Light Therapy is also pain-free with zero downtime should encourage you to take the next step in your efforts, by calling to schedule an appointment.

• Advanced microchip technology
• Made in the USA
• Latest technology on the East Coast
• Non invasive procedure
• No pain or down time
• Lose up to 2 inches your first session
• Non-surgical facelift
• Effective in clearing up acne
• Eliminates cellulite and stress marks
• Improves skin’s texture and brightness
• Reverses stretch marks
• Proven technology

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Treat the entire body in one 25 minute session.

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Over the last several years I noticed my weight kept creeping up slowly until I was 20 lbs heavier than I should be. I knew this was common with most of my patients at my age, but I was never happy with the fad diets being promoted daily on TV. When I saw the “before” picture that was taken by my daughter a couple of years ago, I really felt I had to do something about the belly fat. Fortunately, a colleague from North Carolina told me about the Ultimate Light Therapy procedure. I had already started to exercise and cut back on the late night snacks, but wasn’t making the progress that I wanted with getting rid of the belly roll and saddlebags. My wife and I used this therapy and within one month, I noticed a significant change in inches around my waist and hips. My wife liked the change in her upper back and the face lift reduced a slight double chin and wrinkles beside her eyes. I went from a tight size 38 waist to my present comfortable 34 inches! Once I saw the difference it made for my wife and myself, I started to mention it to my patients. I will not endorse any procedure until I have experienced it personally. It has now been over a year that I have remained at this weight and size. I did put a couple of pounds on during the last Christmas holidays, so I used the therapy twice to get me back on track.

We have now used the Ultimate Light Therapy on over 50 people with great results. If you are serious about getting rid of extra weight and problem areas like your belly, saddlebags, thighs, arms and facial wrinkles and double chin, give me a call to schedule a free consultation and I can show you how you can get similar results and feel good about your shape!
~ Dr. Larry Johnson.

Dr. Larry D. Johnson, of Cape Coral, a practicing Chiropractor, started offering the Ultimate Light Therapy 2 years ago. His patients see excellent results with fat reduction and other various therapeutic treatment options that he offers at his highly-regarded health care facility.

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