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Why You Should See a Radiologists that Specializes in Abdominal Imaging

Why You Should See a Radiologists that Specializes in Abdominal ImagingIt’s not uncommon for patients to get a referral from their doctor to have imaging done at a particular facility, but how do these patients know that they’re going to an imaging center with the latest advanced technology, thorough technologists, and subspecialty radiologists? Subspecialty radiologists are trained in various specialties, just like other medical professionals with additional years of study and clinical experience.

We caught up with Dr. Matta, an abdominal imaging specialist from Radiology Regional, to find out more about the importance of her field when it comes to accuracy and diagnosis.

Q: Tell me about abdominal imaging and radiologists that specialize in this field.

A: Abdominal Imaging is specific to organs in the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, bowel, and pelvic organs. The pelvic organs include prostate, uterus, cervix, ovaries, and surrounding soft tissues. Our technology is advanced to capture minute malformations at higher resolutions; abdominal radiologists are specially trained to catch even the tiniest areas of concern. We have exams that are tailored to each patient specifically dependent on their referring doctors concerns, and we have high-level imaging capabilities to best diagnose the health of each individual.

Q: Why is it important for patients to have images read by abdominal imaging specialists, or other areas of subspecialty, for that matter?

A: Just as with any medical specialty, it’s critical to see a doctor specific to a patient’s area of concern. We are experts in diagnosing issues in the abdominal region, as are other radiology subspecialists, such as head and neck, for example. When a patient’s sent to us because of a concern or because of an ongoing condition, such as tracking the proliferation of tumors, we are specially trained in reading, diagnosing and reporting on the findings.

The difference with Radiology Regional is that we actually have in-house subspecialty radiologists. In fact, some facilities rely on general radiologists to read these advanced reports. Of course, some radiologists are better than others, but putting your health in the hands of a specialist is always the optimal option if you’ve got cancer, organ failure or other disease states.

Q: At Radiology Regional, do you have any new advanced imagers or protocols that set you apart?

A: We have state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI machines, enterography exams for advanced CT and MRIs. These are different than other standard machines because they are able to capture movement, utilize 3D imaging, and find tiny abnormalities that would be undetectable otherwise.

We also work directly with gastroenterologists, and local surgeons on tumor boards lead by oncologists. This gives us the ongoing case by case details of these patients. We’re not just sitting in a box somewhere; we are involved in many ways. I personally speak to specialists and referring physicians on a daily basis, and my colleagues do as well. It takes more than reading an image; it takes in-depth discussions about options and brainstorming with physicians and surgeons to keep our level of care at the highest for each patient. We take great pride in bringing the best care to our community.

Just five years ago, any advanced abdominal cases would have to be sent out to other areas, but we are a complete, comprehensive specialty radiology group right here, delivering the highest quality. Some other centers are not able to provide this level of care, as they use third-party radiologists and don’t have access to specialty trained doctors. We stay up to date on technology and reinvest in our facilities because patient’s lives depend on us.

Radiology Regional Center
Radiology Regional Center is a premier diagnostic facility founded on the principles of providing state-of the-art technology in a warm, comfortable environment. A physician-owned and managed practice, our commitment is to maintain highly skilled staff and provide the highest quality health care to our community. For over 40 years, we have expanded our scope of services and number of outpatient facilities to meet the growing needs of our patients and referring physicians. Radiology Regional Center has nine, full-service locations in Lee and Collier Counties. Our dedicated team of board-certified radiologists, registered technologists and other specialists are committed to providing our patients with exceptional care utilizing the most advanced technology and techniques available in modern medicine.

Ask your physician to refer you to Radiology Regional Center for your imaging needs. Make your choice the best choice for you!

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