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Quality of Activities Can Contribute to Healthy Aging

Sarasota CarePatrolGood sleep patterns, nutrition, and regular exercise can help older adults age gracefully. However, according to a recent study, another factor that correlates with healthy aging is having a life filled with meaningful activities.

The survey of 7,304 participants found a link between meaningful activities and preventive health factors. For instance, individuals who ranked their life activities as more worthwhile were less likely to be sedentary and more likely to eat five or more fruits and vegetables daily. They also tended to rate their sleep as good or very good.

People who considered their activities more worthwhile were more likely to interact with family and friends and less likely to spend time alone or watching television. They also had connections with social groups such as clubs, gyms and churches.

The survey results indicate: “Maintaining a sense that life is worthwhile may be particularly important at older ages when social and emotional ties often fragment, social engagement is reduced, and health problems may limit personal options.”

Participating in various worthwhile activities can give a sense of purpose and restore the zest for life for older adults. However, just being busy isn’t enough.

Whether an activity is meaningful to an individual depends on their personal interests and preferences. Cooking or reading may be a delightful pastime for one individual and a dreaded chore for another.

Doing activities together may make any activity more enjoyable. Living in a community setting offers isolated or lonely seniors more opportunities to socialize with others along with a range of ongoing activities, social events and community outings.

If you know of an older adult whose health and spirits might benefit from a move to a supportive community, such as assisted living, give Care-
Patrol a call.

Our certified senior advisors take the time to identify each individual’s likes and dislikes. With that knowledge, we can help seniors and their families choose the best living option, a place filled with engaging meaningful activities and uplifting social connections.

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January marked the fourth year in a row that CarePatrol of Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch was nationally recognized at their Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona as the Top Performing Franchise in the Nation. Wendy Rickenbach-Barclay, owner and her team were honored to receive this top achievement for their work serving seniors and their families. As noted by Steve Greenbaum, CEO of Best Life Brands and parent company of CarePatrol; Wendy is a “Rockstar” and is “the best in the franchise industry that I have ever seen.” At CarePatrol, it has been a mission for the past 20+ years to serve and educate seniors and their families on safe senior living options at No Cost. With the overwhelming number of communities and in-home care options in this area, gone are those days of simply getting a list of who to call. Don’t do it alone, reach out to the experts when you need to explore care options. CarePatrol provides education on Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and In-Home Care. Wendy notes, “Addressing how to pay for care is the hardest thing we do.” CarePatrol looks forward to serving you and your family this year and always.

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