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Medical Cannabis & Cancer: How one plant is easing cancer patient’s pain and emotional discomfort

Medical Cannabis & Cancer
Medical Cannabis & Cancer

Cannabis has been used for over 2,000 years by many cultures all over the world. This plant has been known to heal, provide pain relief, fight disease as well as quell anxiety and depression. Thankfully, a diagnosis of cancer is one of the conditions that automatically qualifies a patient for a Florida medical cannabis card.

Over the course of this last year, Gulf Coast Ketamine Center has provided medical cannabis card assessments and has seen exceptional results in cancer patients’ relief. In addition to pain relief, we have also witnessed how this treatment can ease the anxiety and depression often related to the patient cancer experience. This is why GCKC now offers medical cannabis consultations.

The cancer journey often brings with it, surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and more. Many patients suffer from severe pain both from the cancer itself and very often, the treatments. Medications commonly used to treat pain carry with them undesirable side effects and over time some of these medications stop working as effectively as they did initially, resulting in patients needing to continually increase the doses to obtain the same relief.

Common treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapies are especially invasive as they can cause damage to nerves as well as potential development of neuropathies and/or severe pain over the distribution of these damaged nerves. Chemotherapy frequently causes chronic nausea in a large number of patients making recovery even more difficult. In addition, some patients suffer from anorexia or loss of appetite. This hastens the deterioration of the patient since proper nourishment and nutrition are a vital part of fighting this often-deadly disease. Cannabis can help reduce or eliminate these negative implications. To learn more about this therapy call 941.213.4444.

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