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At Last—New Treatment for Muscle, Tendon, and Nerve Injuries Shows to be Effective for People Aged 55+ Even if You’ve Tried Other Treatments Before

By Dr. Scott Gray
Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy

At Last—New Treatment for Muscle, Tendon, and Nerve InjuriesDo you have back pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, tension headaches, a rotator cuff injury, muscle strains, or other forms of soft tissue injuries? If so, there is an advanced treatment method that offers long-term relief, and in many cases, a complete reversal of the condition, it can help prevent an unnecessary surgery, being reliant on nasty painkillers, and help you get back to your active lifestyle.

The New Treatment NO ONE Is Talking About
Active Release Technique (ART®) is a soft tissue treatment that helps active people quickly recover from their pain, stiffness, or injury. This means if you have pain in your muscle, nerve, ligament, or tendon, chances are ART® can help you.

Active Release Technique is beneficial for anyone that has pain and mobility issues from a soft tissue injury. If you have sore muscles, peripheral nerve impingements, or limited range of motion, ART® can help to alleviate the condition with just a few treatments in the convenience of an office setting. From retirees, laborers, athletes, executives, school teachers to golf enthusiasts, ART® has helped countless individuals get the relief they need.

The History Of ART®
Dr. P. Michael Leahy started Active Release Techniques® over 30 years ago. ART® began when he was working with elite athletes as a way to treat soft tissue disorders so they could get back to peak performance as quickly as possible.

Dr. Leahy studied engineering in the Air Force before becoming a chiropractor in 1984. As he watched athletes perform and studied their movement, he realized he could combine what he knew about engineering with his chiropractic knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to treat their soft tissue disorders quickly and get them back in their competition.

He began formalizing a training method for ART®. Since then, the method has been patented and over 10,000 ART® providers have been trained. ART® has treated and transformed the lives of over 100 million people worldwide.1

How ART® Works
When injury or degeneration effects the body, the muscles, tendons, and nerves stiffen to protect the area from further damage. The result of this tightening can be tears, strains, inflammation, and adhesions (scar tissue). These conditions cause pain, joint stress and an impaired quality of life. ART® is an intricate method used to “release” the connective tissue that is compromised and alleviates pain, along with increasing regenerative healing properties. This technique requires specific training to become certified.

Comprised of over 500 hand techniques that are tailored to your personal condition, you will work directly with the practitioner to move in certain ways that will help to release the affected tissue.

How ART® Can Help You
These sophisticated soft tissue manipulations break up the scar tissue and inflammation. According to ART’s website, it alleviates issues with the following disorder:
● Acute injuries (tears or injuries that can happen during activities, exercise or sports)
● Micro-trauma (gradual wear-down of tissue that’s often caused from aging and inflammation)
● Hypoxia (tissue not receiving enough nutrients and oxygen)

Back In Motion Sport & Spine Physical Therapy
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Active Release Techniques, “About ART®,” 2010-2016, Colorado Springs, CO, https://activerelease.com

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