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Holistic & Biological Dentistry: Why DNA Matters

Holistic & Biological Dentistry: Why DNA MattersAs holistic dentistry is becoming more mainstream, individuals that live healthy lifestyles are making the jump from their traditional dentist. We’ve all heard that amalgam (metal) fillings contain mercury and when in the mouth for long periods of time or attempted to be removed, they can contribute to toxic heavy metal overload. But that’s not the only reason to see a holistic dentist.

People have for years gone to the dentist for their regular checkups, fillings, and so on. These same people many times found themselves having problems with teeth and older dentistry that was apparently being checked at regular intervals. Going further, people go and get their teeth “cleaned” regularly, and at every appointment, they hear the same old story from the hygienist that their teeth are not as clean, or their gums are still bleeding, and they just need to do a better job at home. Well, some of this may be true, but many times, underlying factors are contributing to these ongoing situations.

SmileCreator of Naples employs and follows the BaleDoneen Method to incorporate the study and prevention of the link between heart disease, strokes, and gum disease. Many silent underlying disorders of the mouth like old failing root canals have been proven to contribute to elevated chances of having a severe stroke or heart disease. Cardiovascular incidents are preventable with proper care and attention to these underlying culprits, diet, and other forms of cleaner lifestyle living. SmileCreator of Naples can help you live a healthier, better quality of life.

Biologic and holistic approaches are not much different, except they take a stricter approach to use materials that do not react negatively with the body, saliva, and or surrounding tissues. Not to say the traditional approach is bad at all. It has been used successfully for many years. But when a person is suffering from ongoing dental disease or some other body malfunction, using a holistic approach may help get closer to the body’s favorable responses in healing.

SmileCreator of Naples holistic approach looks at other body systems in search of answers as to why the breakdown may be happening. For example; they will look at metal toxicity, PH levels in saliva, and use DNA testing to find ways to strengthen the body to counteract these offenses.

Medical advances have given us the ability to test people’s saliva and DNA analysis to evaluate conditions like periodontal disease and diabetes. Both of these conditions have been proven to be quite sickening to the body.

When these conditions are identified early, they can be treated and probably reversed with proper care. Holistic dentists work in cohesion many times with other practitioners. For example, SmileCreator of Naples work closely with MDs like functional medicine providers. They also work very closely with Pulmonologists, ENTs, and cardiologists. But there are also some other alliances that are beneficial to proper healing and success. These can be lumped into what SmileCreator of Naples calls the body group: They are physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, etc.

Holistic & Biological Treatment
• BaleDoneed Method
• Oral DNA testing
• Monitoring A1C & Ph testing
• Safe amalgam removal
• Ozone therapies and applications
• Ph monitoring and modifications
• Nutritional alkaline food modifications
• Supplementation with activated charcoal,
Vitamin D3, and others
• Oil pulling
• Natural toothpastes and rinses
• Handling biotoxins and mold alleviation
• & many other more natural approaches…


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