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HEALTH INSURANCE – Options for 2020

By Ulla-Undine Merritt (Dee) National Producer Number (NPN) 8853366

Medicare has an Open Enrollment Period which starts January 1st to March 31, 2020 this gives you “ONE” chance to change if you were not happy with your choice that you made for 2020. Example: I choose a plan and thought my doctor was in-network and it turns out they aren’t, you can make a 1 time change to a different Medicare Advantage Plan. Or another example you may want to go back to Original Medicare and a Part D Drug plan, someone may want to do this if they could qualify for a Medicare Supplement. Medicare Supplements do NOT have an enrollment period you can apply for them anytime, BUT you must Medically Qualify if you don’t have a special enrollment period. There are a lot of choices and making the wrong one can hurt you and you may get stuck with a bad decision. Call a local agent that works with many carriers.

Individuals/Families Obama Care – The Affordable Care Act (ACT) Open Enrollment has been extended to January 11th due to Hurricane Dorian. If you did not choose your complaint plan and miss the 1/11/20 date. You must wait till next fall 11/1-12/15/20 for 1/1/2021 effective. This applies ONLY to ACA (Affordable Care Act complaint plans) these are plans that accept people with pre-existing medical conditions. Tax Penalty NO LONGER for individual’s that do not have health insurance that meets ACA guidelines.

Medical Plans are available to purchase all year long if you can medically qualify, have few to no pre-existing conditions. Many of these plans are like your old Major Medical Plans, they have copays, deductible and out of pocket maximums. You can save a lot of money if you do not qualify for government subsidy. Often I’ve seen the price half the price if not more compared to the Affordable Care Plans.

Employer Group Plans are becoming very popular again as the cost of insurance continues to go up and the economy improves. The completion for employees and retaining good employees is making more and more companies re-think offering Employer Health Benefits. There are excellent options in Lee & Collier County. If your employer is not offering insurance currently you may ask them to look into it. Your better options apply to 10 or more employees applying, but there are also good plans for less employees.

Most insurance companies are offering incentives for you to live a healthy life. Examples are getting your annual exam, flue shots, eating the right things and exercise to name a few. You can normally find this when you log into your online sight and see if they are offering and wellness benefits. Many companies are offering discounts & even free gym memberships.

Also remember when moving you may have a special enrollment period to apply or change your health insurance coverage. Also check your wills, trusts, and make sure they follow Florida’s laws and guidelines. Establish yourself with a local Insurance Broker, Attorney and CPA. Ask a professional, most of the time your first consultation is at no charge.

Insurance can be very confusing, and you should not do it alone. Did you know that in most cases insurance agents do NOT charge for their services? They are paid by the insurance company when you purchase a product from them.

You should work with a local broker to explore all of your options. Don’t invite strangers into your house or give them your personal information over the phone. Go or call a local agent, build a relationship and if in the future you have a question you can back and see them.
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