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Don’t Let the Holidays Make Your Posture Worse or Contribute to Injury

Don’t Let the Holidays Make Your Posture Worse or Contribute to InjuryHave you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or window reflection and noticed that you were slouching? It’s a growing concern that the majority of individuals are starting to slump their shoulders and our postures are not as they should be. One of the reasons is the way we sit when we’re working on our computers or how we hold our posture when we’re looking down at our devices.

This time of year, the holidays can also contribute to poor posture and back injuries if we don’t take extra precaution. With lifting heavy gift boxes, putting up the lights and decorations and hauling luggage in our travels, our spine can be under a lot of stress.

How to improve your posture and avoid injury
When lifting anything heavy, it’s critical to use your legs! Squatting in a sumo position takes the pressure off of the spine. It’s also okay to ask for help! If you’re traveling and having trouble with your luggage, people like to help out, especially this time of year. If you are traveling long distances by car, train, bus or plane, take ample amounts of breaks, to move around and help with your circulation. Stretching is very important when traveling.

If you’re hanging decorations, be careful on your ladder. Use safety precautions and don’t try and overstretch to reach something. Overstretching can actually cause a bulged disc, shoulder injury, and muscle tears.

When you’re sitting at your desk or writing out best wishes on your holiday cards, take note of the way you are postured. Is your belly sucked in? Holding in your abs helps to improve spinal alignment. Keep your shoulders back, but in a natural position, not exaggerated, and make sure you take deep breaths. Deep breathing also helps to train the abdomen, which inevitably helps with alignment. If you need to add a lumbar support pillow or get a new ergonomic office chair, your spine is worth it.

None of us want to look slouched over, and none of us want injuries, but these things do happen. Being proactive about physical therapy can help immensely.

Services provided at Kriz Physical Therapy:
• Generalized and specific orthopedic rehabilitation
• Neck and back pain
• Upper and lower extremity injuries
• Physical therapy and sports rehabilitation
• Industrial rehabilitation
• Post-rehabilitation exercise and wellness programs

Did you know you DON’T Need a Referral for Kriz PT?
Florida is a “direct access” state, meaning patients can schedule physical therapy without having to see a doctor first. That’s important, especially if you are injured. Kriz PT can help you get back to feeling good and being active through precise treatment that is tailored for your specific needs.

Kriz Physical Therapy
“We Help Active Adults And Athletes Preserve Their Active Lifestyles, Despite Injury Or Surgery, Through Physical Therapy And Wellness. Your Health Is An Investment, Not An Expense.”

Kriz PT helps individuals with many different needs:
Active Seniors, who want to live active lives so they can keep up with their grandchildren, visit with friends, and take vacations without worrying about pain or stiffness ruining their plans.

Adult Athletes, who want to be FIT and ready for the next round of golf, their weekly run club night at the local brewery, or pickup game with your buddies over the weekend.

Health-Conscious Men And Women, who enjoy eating healthy and exercising to avoid “serious” threats like arthritis, joint pain, and “getting/feeling old”.

Outdoors People, who DON’T HAVE TIME TO WASTE sitting inside when there are trails to blaze, mountains to climb, bikes to ride, or fish to be caught.

Busy Women And Moms, who want to look healthier, feel more energized, and be able to run after kids all day (even after going to their favorite workout class at the gym)…WITHOUT being bothered by pain or stiffness.

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