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Diet and Exercise Can Reduce Pain

Nicolas Perez, M.D. – Korunda Pain Management Center

Diet and Exercise Can Reduce PainMany foods that contain chemicals, excessive salt and sugar can cause inflammation to occur in the body. When the body is inflamed it can exacerbate disease states and it can also cause a great deal of pain, especially in the joints, neck and spine. If you suffer from chronic pain from migraines, arthritis or back to name a few, you should consider changing your diet and exercise program.

Shopping the periphery of the grocery store is a great way to avoid all of the processed foods, excessive sugar and salt in the center isles. There are exceptions of course, like frozen no salt added vegetables and fruit and dried spices to take the place of your saltshaker. For the most part, you should focus your shopping efforts on fresh produce, lean protein like poultry, seafood and eggs and some dairy.

The Mediterranean diet is an exceptional example of what foods you should be eating, which provide essential nutrients for overall health and alleviating inflammation. This diet emphasizes eating plenty of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, whole grains and lean protein (especially cold-water fish) while avoiding excess salt, sugar, simple carbs and saturated fats. Eating this way is thought to prevent inflammation and alleviate pain by proving the heart, brain and entire body with antioxidants, and the good fats that it needs to function properly. Excessive sugar, simple carbohydrates, processed foods, and chemicals are known to cause inflammation and degeneration.

When you shop, check the labels on your food and if you are buying processed, convenient foods, invest in healthier low-sodium versions. If you’re eating at a restaurant, ask for sauces of condiments on the side and use sparingly. Also, order steamed vegetables, lean meat and in general make wise choices.

It may seem counterintuitive, but painful joints and muscles need exercise. Most people can benefit from taking a brisk 30-minute walk or a 30-minute swim. Exercise increases circulation, improves nutrient and oxygen rich blood flow and helps you build strength and to lose weight. If you can work out harder, it’s extremely beneficial to get your heart rate up daily with cardiovascular exercise. Stretching can also relieve pain.

There have been significant studies on the benefits of water activities for individuals that suffer from chronic pain. These cases have proven that the level of oxygen in the blood increases in water, which is ideal for individuals with pain. The oxygen consumption (VO2) is three times greater in water than on land. Working large muscle groups leads to this uptake of oxygen or VO2, but doing a lot of running and legwork on land increases the risk of injury and puts undue stress on joints at a greater level than with water-based therapy.

Talk with your physician about the right exercise plan for you.

Korunda Pain Management Center is a state of the art facility that specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain management. They provide the utmost quality care for their patients and provide for their pain management needs.

Nicolas Perez, M.D.
Dr. Perez uses a holistic and comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat painful conditions. With his background in physical medicine and rehabilitation, he performs a detailed physical exam and image review to get to the root of the issue. His treatment goal is to reduce pain and help his patients achieve maximal restoration of their functional status.

Utilizing ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance, Dr. Perez treats a broad spectrum of pain syndromes including but not limited to neck and back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, arthritis, sacroiliac pain, joint pain, myofascial pain, neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome, cancer-related pain, migraines, and spasticity. Dr. Perez has a strong focus on sports and musculoskeletal injuries.

Commonly performed procedures include epidural steroid injections, facet joint blocks, radiofrequency ablation, joint injections (shoulder, hip, knee, etc.), peripheral nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, trigger point injections, regenerative medicine, and many more.

At Korunda Pain Relief, Their goal is to strive to deliver the highest quality of comprehensive care for those who are suffering from acute and chronic pain. They have many alternatives to help you with your personalized pain management needs. Please visit their website at www.korundapmc.com or call them at (239) 591-2803.

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