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COPD and Salt Therapy

COPD and Salt TherapyNearly 24 Million Americans have COPD. Most of them are over the age of 40 and have a history of smoking, or being subjected to respiratory irritants such as chemicals and pollutants.

COPD is a disease that is encompassed by chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma, causing shortness of breath, productive coughing and inflammation of the airways. It is a progressive lung disease with no cure. Most patients are put on steroids (oral and inhaled), bronchodilators and antibiotics.

Since the Ancient Greeks, Halotherapy, or Salt therapy has been recognized as a beneficial treatment option for many aliments, including respiratory conditions. Hippocrates studied its effects and used the treatment on his patients back in 460 B.C. Additionally, in 1843 a Polish physician, Felix Boczkovski noticed and documented that salt miners didn’t suffer from the same respiratory problems as the general population.

In modern day, salt therapy has grown in popularity for various different types of respiratory and skin conditions. Due to the multiple respiratory benefits of this therapy, for many COPD patients it’s also in high demand.

What is Salt Therapy?
At the Salt Therapy Grotto in Naples Florida, they use a halogenator to finely mill pure dry salt into micronized particles that are dispersed through the air in a salt room. Salt molecules are comprised of a positive sodium ion and a negative chloride ion. While you breathe in the salty air of the therapy room, salt molecules enter the moist airways of the lungs and break down, releasing the negative ions.

The negative ions stimulate airway linings, improving mucous clearance and improving immune response to pathogens. People with chronic respiratory conditions lack sodium chloride in their airway linings and salt therapy helps resolve this deficiency. It alleviates symptoms; helps prevent them from reoccurring, and reduces the dependence on medications like nasal sprays and inhalers.

Along with the dry salt infused air, the Salt Therapy Grotto is an entire room (cave) of salt. It was built with 10 tons of salt from all around the world, including areas such as the Himalayas, and Japan to the Dead Sea. The floor, walls and stalactites are all made from salt. This relaxing atmosphere is the perfect place for you to sit, rest and enjoy breathing in the fine salt air for approximately 40-50 minutes. After the first session many patients feel immediate relief, and after the recommended multiple sessions, many COPD sufferers go longer in between reoccurrence and experience less symptoms overall.
Salt therapy is 100% natural, safe and drug free, providing long-term relief. Clinical studies show that it is an effective natural treatment for allergies, asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory condition. When used in combination with the common medications and therapy for COPD, many salt therapy clients reveal a greater sense of improvement than those patients not utilizing the unique treatment option.

Salt Therapy Benefits for COPD Sufferers:
• Less labored breathing after just a few sessions
• Reduction in need for steroids, antibiotics and inhalers
• Improved lung function
• Reduces hospitalization
• Alleviates shortness of breath and coughing
• Helps clear phlegm from lungs
• Mucolytic—loosens excessive mucus
• Reduces inflammation in airways
• Prolongs remission
• Strengthens immune system
• Removes airborne pollutants

Through it’s uniquely designed salt grottos, the company offers 100% natural, safe and drug-free treatment providing effective, long-term relief respiratory conditions, skin conditions, as well as providing benefits of overall wellness and relaxation. Salt Therapy Grotto is located at 3443 Pine Ridge Road, Unit 102, Naples, FL 34109. For more information, visit or call 239.598.0990.

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