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Chefs For Seniors: When You Have Diabetes, Diet Plays a Major Role in Your Health

Chefs For Seniors: When You Have Diabetes, Diet Plays a Major Role in Your HealthDiabetes affects over 30 million Americans and it is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. Diabetes can affect all ages, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising and eating the right foods can significantly reduce or stave off this type of disorder. If your diabetes is advanced, getting the appropriate help is crucial for reaching and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Diet & Exercise
Healthier habits can lower blood glucose levels
• Eat a healthy low carbohydrate diet (such as the Mediterranean, Paleo or Ketogenic)
• Eliminate SUGAR
• Start a regular exercise program, as per your physician
• Limit alcohol and processed foods

Meal planning, grocery shopping and preparation can be difficult for seniors.

What is Chefs for Seniors?
As individuals age, shopping and preparing meals can become a difficult task. With so many other issues to worry about such as being a caregiver, suffering from arthritis, or other disorders that limit mobility, cooking is one thing that many seniors wish they didn’t have to do. Chefs For Seniors is a welcomed answer for many that want nutritious, flavorful foods custom-prepared right in the comfort of your home by a licensed chef that not only provides gourmet-style meals, but also compassionate companionship. They also have specialty meals for low sodium, low fat, and other dietary needs.

Why Chefs For Seniors?
Our Mission is to Provide Amazing Food and Proper Nutrition
• Find peace of mind knowing our personal chefs will handle the cooking
• Feel healthy and rejuvenated with meals for seniors that fit your diet
• Truly affordable and much less expensive than  eating out
• All personal chefs are servsafe licensed, undergo background checks, and are fully insured

The company’s local professional chefs prepare affordable meals for the week in the home using the freshest ingredients, while offering a fun interactive experience. Chefs for Seniors is a private meal preparation service which specializes in providing companionship with the chefs preparing the meals in the home of the client. Clients select meals from a regional menu which can be customized to the client’s dietary preferences and needs. The process aims to be an affordable option for seniors who may want fresh home-cooked meals, but who may be physically unable to cook the meals for themselves.

Professionally Prepared Meals and Clean Up!
Chefs for Seniors offers rotating menu options, which includes select Chef creations inspired by the region. Clients select their desired meal in advance, allowing the chef to shop and prepare the meals on the designated cooking day. Chefs prepare the meals between two to two and a half hours. And an added benefit is that after the meal is prepared and stored according to the client’s preferences, the chefs clean before leaving the house.

Do I Have to be a “Senior” to use the Service?
While our services are marketed and catered to the nutritional needs of older adults, people of all ages can use Chefs For Seniors.

What Does the Service Cost?
The price of our services are region-specific and depends on your individual needs. Our goal is to provide an affordable solution that seniors can use long-term. We offer three different service packages to meet a variety of needs: Standard, Custom, and Non-Standard.

Will Insurance Pay for This Service?
Some Long Term Health Insurance Policies may cover certain in-home services like Chefs For Seniors.

How Many Meals Will the Chef Make?
During a 2-hour home visit, your personal chef will prepare 4 different entrées and 10-12 individually-packaged servings of meals. The exact number of servings depending on your appetite and the types of meals ordered and serving sizes can be adjusted with your chef.

How Often Does the Chef Come to My Home?
Most clients have their personal chef visit their home every week, although some choose to schedule services every 2 weeks or 2x per week. We can work within your budget, appetite, and needs.

What if I Have a Special Diet or Dietary Concerns?
We can accommodate most dietary concerns and diets. Our chefs and menus are particularly well-suited for low-sodium, diabetic friendly, gluten-free, Kosher, and renal diet meals. We also take inspiration from the DASH Diet (Dietary Approach To Stopping Hypertension), when designing our weekly menu rotations. Our Custom Package is well suited for clients with less common diets or dietary concerns.

Do I Have to Supply the Cooking Equipment?
Your chef will bring their own “toolbox” with pots, pans, knives, and utensils into the home. You don’t need to have anything on hand except an appetite and working appliances!

Contact Chefs For Seniors today to find out more.

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