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Benefits of IV Therapy

By Andrea Bickerton, M.D.

Benefits of IV TherapyIf you’ve ever gone to the hospital or emergency room you know that one of the first things to happen is getting an IV. This is done because getting fluids, vitamins, medications, nutrients, etc through an IV is the quickest, most efficient way to get these essential materials into your body because they are delivered directly into your circulation and allow for quicker and more complete absorption. IV therapy is not limited to the hospital though and can done on an elective basis which can bring many benefits but at a much lower cost while also helping to prevent the need to be seen in the ER by helping to resolve small illnesses, boost your immune system, and provide specific medications in some cases.

What is IV therapy?
IV therapy offers a fast, effective way to replace vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that may be lacking as well as administer certain medications for quick relief of ailments such as stomach flu, cold, food poisoning, hangover, and migraine headaches to name a few. This can help improve many health concerns, combat illness, boost immunity, and improve overall wellness.

IVs are placed by a medical professional into a peripheral vein and can have predetermined mixtures of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and/or medications or can be customized individually. These get placed in a bag of IV fluid that is pH balanced to match our bodies natural fluids and is administered slowly with most treatments taking 60-90 minutes although some medications require a slower infusion and can therefore last 2-4 hours.

Why IV therapy?
• Allows you to bypass your GI system by providing direct administration to the bloodstream making nutrients instantly available without any loss through absorption.
• Allows medications/fluids/electrolytes to be given/
replaced when unable to tolerate anything orally.
• Provides nutrients that are lacking in our diets. Soils are often depleted of many nutrients now days so even the best efforts at healthy diets can still leave us deficient

• Provides body with what it needs to stay in tip top shape allowing for decreased illness, improved mental clarity, and overall improved energy and well-being.
• Our daily needs vary from day to day based on environmental factors, stress, diet, and other health conditions. IV therapy allows you to easily get all the nutrients your body needs with 100% absorption so you can conveniently give your body all the building blocks it needs to help you feel you best every day.

Is IV therapy safe?
IV therapy is a safe procedure when performed by a licensed medical professional who monitors the infusions.

What are possible side effects?
Typically, there are no significant side effects, however, some people may experience a feeling of being cold/chilled while others report feeling sleepy; these feelings are typically based on the specific nutrients being given. Occasionally people report a sensation of tasting the vitamin or mineral in their mouth during treatment; this is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

How often can I get an IV?
Time between IV treatments vary by individual but typically no more often than once a week although there are a few exceptions that will be discussed at your appointment.

At Refined Image, our IV therapy menu addresses most concerns and can also be customized depending on your needs. If you are wondering if IV therapy could be helpful for you look at the benefits you can get through IV therapy:
• Immediate rehydration
• Energy boost
• Increased mental clarity
• Migraine headache relief
• PMS relief
• Quicker recovery from illness (cold/flu, food poisoning, etc.)
• Improved athletic performance and recovery
• Guaranteed vitamin absorption
• Immunity boost/illness prevention; improved overall wellness
• Decreased stress/fatigue
• Rapid results
• Eliminate toxin build up
• Improved mood/decreased anxiety and depression
• Improved overall wellness
• Hangover recovery
• Weight loss
• Skin Improvement, hair and nail growth, anti-aging support
• Replenished nutrients that are lacking in our diets

Who is a candidate?
Most people are candidates for IV therapy but the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and medications given will vary from person to person. Every patient meets with Dr. Bickerton and reviews their medical history before determining if they are a candidate and what formula would be most beneficial.

Who should not get IV therapy?
There are some health issues that can exclude you from getting an IV treatment. Common conditions that may limit being able to receive IV therapy include kidney disease, heart disease and high blood pressure. While these do not exclude being treated with IV therapy you should have a full medical history review with a physician who can determine if you are a candidate for IV therapy and what formulations are safe for you and which aren’t.

How do I get started?
Contact Refined Image @ 239-302-3540 or go online to to schedule you appointment today. Initial consultations are always complimentary.

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